A completely free version of Liero


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LieroLibre is a really simple arcade game where two worms use a wide array of weapons to fight against each other inside closed maps. It's similar to the traditional Worms saga, but instead of being turn-based, it's played in real time.

LieroLibre is just another version of the traditional Liero, free of anything that's exclusive property of the previous game. This way, the game has become completely free, and can be distributed and modified however you want.

The gameplay in LieroLibre is identical to that in version 1.35b of Liero, with all the same features. The only thing that veteran Liero players could miss is the original soundtrack, which has been replaced by a free one.

LieroLibre offers a fast and frantic gameplay, in which two human players can shoot at each other simultaneously, using the same keyboard. You can also add AI players to make it more fun.

LieroLibre is a 2D arcade game that includes constant streams of blood and bullet shells dropping to the ground and getting in your way. Nothing too intense.
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